Можно ли заменить батареи йога на конвектора

Можно ли заменить батареи йога на конвектора

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Most people know nitrous oxide as the laughing gas that dentists reserve for drill-phobic patients. But once it enters the atmosphere, N2O is no laughing matter. Currently, Freon and other chlorofluorocarbons — or CFCs — are the leading source of ozone thinning, especially in the hole that forms annually over Antarctica.

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The surprise is not that N2O is also ozone-toxic. Which may not sound like much — except it is, the NOAA scientists emphasize. Owing to its roughly year survival time in the atmosphere a lifespan comparable to CFCs and the huge quantities released each year, N2O stands poised to become a potent player in the thinning of global stratospheric ozone. A paper describing the new analyses was posted online today in Science.

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  • CFCs not only are very potent agents of ozone destruction, but also have been released in huge quantities and are long-lived. As such, they deserve most of the blame for the overall five-to six-percent thinning in stratospheric ozone that has developed in the past half-century or so, the NOAA scientists say. But owing to the Montreal Protocol , a United Nations treaty that has restricted or banned use of the most ozone-toxic chemicals, stratospheric ozone thinning has peaked and now appears to be falling.

    Можно ли заменить батареи йога на конвектора

    NOAA calculations now suggest that gains made under the Montreal Protocol will slow or halt, owing to the huge and rising contributions of a pollutant that also imperils ozone — but remains ignored by the powerful treaty.

    Solar ultraviolet radiation breaks CFC molecules apart, creating chlorine and chlorine oxides. And vice versa.

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    As N2O pollution goes, dentists are very bit players. Deforestation, animal wastes and bacterial decomposition of plant material in soils and streams emit up to two-thirds of atmospheric N2O.

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    However, emissions from such natural sources appear fairly static, Ravishankara said at a briefing yesterday. These anthropogenic emissions of the pollutant have been growing steadily, he says, to where they now boost atmospheric concentrations of N2O by roughly one percent every four years. Reporters asked the NOAA team what can and should be done, but the scientists simply argued that finding answers was the responsibility of policymakers.

    However, Ravishankara observed that because most N2O releases are so diffuse, limiting them will prove much more challenging than simply mandating controls on tailpipes or smokestacks. Yet success would yield a doubly whammy, notes coauthor John Daniel.

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    The reason: N2O is also a greenhouse gas. Get Science News headlines by e-mail. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Current Issue.

    Можно ли заменить батареи йога на конвектора

    Chemistry ,. Agriculture ,.

    Можно ли заменить батареи йога на конвектора

    Email Print Twitter Facebook Reddit. Sponsor Message. Ravishankara, A. Daniel, and R. Science posted online Aug.

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    Nitrous oxide fingered as monster ozone slayer

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